You know what I 
about being based
in las vegas?

Also, the quails walking by my office window is a perk!

Events everyday of the week!

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Our time is valuable, which is why I  work with your team from the beginning to determine the best method of communication for your projects.
As the designer, I'll focus on your project and keep an open line of communication with you, the client, on the process and status.

When the relationship between the organization and the designer is the right fit, elevating the brand with authenticity and style feels effortless. By handing off design projects to a seasoned professional, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your expectations will be met and exceeded.


I have proven real-world and agency experience with reputable, highly-regarded organizations. This experience allows me to deliver a truly successful project with an accessible investment for your organization. Trusting in my experience will benefit in delivering the projects within their timeline, functionality, and budget.



Heather M Graves is a former corporate visual designer seat warmer who has carved out a distinct focus as an Event Brand Igniter!



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